Damian Green’s resignation is a cause for celebration

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It would be very easy to gloat over the resignation of Damian Green. I’m not going to do so. What I will do is note its real political significance. This can be very simply stated.

He did not tell the truth.

He has paid the price for not doing so.

That matters enormously. In a world where Donald Trump daily suggests that there are no boundaries to the untruths that politicians can say, and after the Brexit campaign similarly eroded such boundaries in the UK, evidence that a politician can be held accountable for the statements that they make is incredibly important.

Of course there are massive political consequences for Theresa May from Green’s resignation. And of course it does show, after the loss of two other ministers already this autumn, that the government appears to have no credibility and even less talent available to it. But please just remember and celebrate the key issue here, which is that honesty matters.