These are desperate times for the Conservative Party

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These are, as we know, desperate times for the Conservative Party. The evidence is now clear that they must be. According to Politics Home Theresa May is being urged to appoint the former director of the Vote Leave campaign as as a vice-chair of the party to revive its fortunes.

And who is this wizard of populist sentiment? None other than Matthew Elliott, once of the so called (but in practice, anything but) Taxpayers' Alliance.

Yes, the reward for running a so called alliance that never revealed the sources of its funding and which specialised in a) dodgy statistics on the supposed savings available in government spending and b) issuing press releases blaming wasteful civil servants for every form of malaise known to society is now in line for promotion to a position from which he will be required to support re-election of a party that has borrowed more money since 2010 than all other governments, combined, in UK history even though he is adamant that doing such a thing is the certain route to hell.

Hypocrisy does not come bigger than that.

I urge him to issue a press release denying the report in unequivocal terms.