When do May and Hammond break?

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John Crace raised an excellent point in the Guardian yesterday. In between suggesting Theresa May was barely in charge of herself these days and that it would help if Liz Truss remembered she was in the last government (there have been two past governments since Labour was in office now) he hinted at something more significant. He was basically suggesting that Philip Hammond is now past caring.

I have no doubt our Chancellor would deny this. Just as I am sure Theresa May would claim, if asked, that she is enjoying every minute of her time. But the truth is that most people - and Hammond and May are more than flesh and blood; they are decidedly human too - can get to the point where circumstances wear them down so much that they do not care. And that is considerably more likely when you do not believe in what you are doing, and neither Hammond or May believe in Brexit.

The point of fatigue (and I know what it feels like this morning) is that it is OK if you are achieving what you want. It is more than doubly draining when just about everything, from your supposed colleagues onwards, seem stacked up against you. Hammond and May must feel like those odds are stacked against them now. They're not stupid enough to not see that the path they're on is disastrous, at best.

So the question is a simple one. When do they break?