There may be trouble ahead as the IMF uniquely forecasts at last two years of falling growth for the UK

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This is the latest IMF growth forecast:

Only Mexico is forecast to join the UK in three years of steadily declining growth, and we're alone in advanced economies.

I know this is a forecast. It could be wrong. I accept that. And the Brexiteers will say that. But their problem is finding evidence to support their claim.

The Office for Budget Responsibility is going to have problems with this forecast and showing anything else. And so will Philip Hammond have problems come the budget.

In fact, if you want to pick a moment when the veneer of Tory unity falls apart then I suspect the budget is it. If Hammond says growth prospects are limited, with impact for his revenue forecast, then I foresee the stresses that have been contained to date will spill over.

And this will  not just be amongst the Tories. If the reaction from Hammond is more cuts, and it may be just as considerable Brexit spend is forecast, as it is bound to be, then the impact will spread far beyond the warring tribes in the Tories in Westminster.

There may be trouble ahead.