Revenue transparency

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After much of last week in Scotland this week I am off to Washington, DC. I will be discussing government transparency on its revenue cycles at the Global Initiative for Financial Transparency at the invitation of the World Bank. It's a mad trip: I will be back on Thursday.

The suggestions I will be making are based in part on some existing work, including that with Andrew Baker of Sheffield University on spillover effects.

I will also be developing themes presented in Scotland this year, most especially in my White Paper for Common Weal.

And there is new work that I am developing on tax gaps that I will be discussing but where papers are in fairly draft form at present, but which are intended to extend the underpinning for this analysis in ways not previously attempted, which is one of the directions for my work at City, University of London right now.

If blogging and moderation are a little erratic as a result of this, you now know why.