Will sense prevail on Brexit?

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In principle I should be pretty fed up that the EU Withdawal Bill made progress during the night by passing its second reading in the House of Commons. In practice, apart from being intensely disappointed by those Labour MPs who were unwise enough to vote for the government, I am not. This was only the first skirmish and the news that even arch pro-Brexiteers are queuing up to limit the Bill's powers suggests that there is room for some hope as yet.

There is, though, another reason for not despairing as yet. This is, after  all, enabling legislation. It only has any meaning if and when it is decided that we actually leave the EU. I am of course, well aware that technically we do that in March 2019. Whether in fact we do so still seems open to doubt though.

So little will have actually been agreed on what might happen by then I still wonder whether any sane government would let departure happen. We do not, of course, have a sane government, but even so the wiser heads might prevail. Leaving with everything in place would be difficult enough. Leaving with virtually nothing in place will create too many risks for any government to take, surely?

I can live in hope that sense might prevail.