2020, please

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According to Politics Home:

The UK is ready to pay around £1bn to remain part of the European Union's science and research fund, Horizon 2020. David Davis' Brexit department will set out its plans in a fresh position paper on Wednesday, the Times reports.

I have something of a personal interest in this issue: much of my current work at City, University of London is funded by Horizon 2020, which is the pan-European academic research fund that supports most major research projects in UK universities, where it is normal to work in a multi-university team spread across a number of member states. This cross-university funding has been under threat ever since the Brexit vote. That is one of the major reasons why academics would, if they could, leave UK universities in the future for posts in the EU. The simple fact is that they (and maybe I) would follow the money.

Keeping the UK in Horizon 2020 will make bids involving UK universities possible again. I really hope that's possible. Not just for me, of course, but also for the sector, which is a massive income earner for the UK.