Trump proves that supposed business skills are not that useful in politics

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If there is something on which there is rare political consensus it is that Trump's White House is a disaster. It doesn't matter that some of us could have said "I told you so" because, to be honest, it has been worse than almost anything anyone could have imagined. But there is a point to be made that I do think should be shared both loud, and often.

Many Americans chose Trump because he was, supposedly, a successful business person and they thought that was the experience that the incumbent in the White House really needed. On this they were very obviously wrong.

Whether Trump is a successful business person is, of course, open to question in its own right. But that's not my point. The point is that the characteristics that made him the egocentric boss of a property based portfolio, able to hire and fire at will and to use that ability to secure his aims, has been proven to be very different from the ability needed to lead a government and win the support of a legislature for his proposals.

What I sincerely hope is that the lesson of this is noted and learnt.  There are several key issues. First, it should now be understood that business leadership is nothing at all like leadership in a democracy. Dictators would be familiar with the style of many business leaders. That skill is wholly unsuited to the leadership of a democracy.

Second, political leadership is a skill to be recognised in its own right. We under-appreciate it. It may well be that done well this is a much more valuable skill than business leadership is.

Third, political leadership may be transferable to business, but it is not at all clear that the opposite is true. The two are simply too different for that to necessarily be the case. In saying so I am not saying that business leadership skill is not useful; I am saying that the skills that the likes of Trump has are of limited use.

Fourth, let's hope that the Trump debacle breaks this belief that politicians must be capitalists because the evidence is that this may very definitely not be true.