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I have been in discussion with others on creation of a UK tax wiki. I can see lots of uses for this but it also makes me realise that there is real merit to extending the Tax Research UK site with a wiki. There are essentially four reasons for doing this.

The first is that many people say it is quite hard to find the more important articles on the site and I tend to agree with them: I have to Google it myself to find them. This does seem a bit absurd. A wiki might become a knowledge base on the more important themes I have explored on the site over time, saving looking through all 14,000 entries on it.

Second, there appears to be a need for some 'standing data' on taxes and other related issues and how they fit into the economy that might answer many frequently asked questions on the tax system and how it works.

Third, the blog is not just about tax; it also covers major economic themes, some of which are not readily available elsewhere and it seems worth drawing blogs on these together as a collection through a wiki heading.

And last, I see this as a way of archiving important external links in a way that are fairly easy to access.

I stress, at present I am not seeing much of the wiki as being major new work (I have enough of that) but rather as being a way to access what has already been done to date. If there are volunteers I am, however, open to suggestions for how additional data can be added to fuel research and comment.

What I am asking now is whether this would be considered useful? Suggestions on content would also be appreciated: indeed, if anyone has specific content suggestions from the blog I will also happily consider them as well. All comments on this post will be of use for that reason.

Finally, should this wiki be a part of the blog, or something free-standing? I am erring towards the latter. The database for this blog is already pretty enormous, for a start.