Brexit to increase cost of food imports from the EU by 22%

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The Guardian has reported this morning that:

 The government is “sleepwalking” into a post-Brexit future of insecure, unsafe and increasingly expensive food supplies, and has little idea how it will replace decades of EU regulation on the issue, a report by influential academics has said.

One of the academics in question is Tim Lang, professor of food policy at City,  University of London. Tim is both a friend and colleague of mine. It is only a few weeks ago that we were considering the forecast of the British Retail Consortium on Brexit. That says:

The weighted average tariff, if the UK were to default to WTO tariffs on UK food imports from the EU, would be 22 per cent. Such a scenario would put upward pressure on consumer food prices.

I think the BRC were inclined to understatement there.

I stress that this is a long way from being the only risk Tim and his colleagues refer to in their report. But if you want to bring the issue home it's a good one to start with.