An end to Gibraltar’s duplicity would be appreciated

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The Independent has reported Gibraltar's response to the King of Spain's comments on the future of The Rock yesterday. The Chief Minister of Gibraltar, Fabian Picardo, said

The concept of human rights and democracy means that the wishes of people must come first, as much of His Majesty the King of Spain's address to Westminster Hall rightly identified.


In Gibraltar the people have spoken loud and clear. Our freely expressed democratic wishes must be respected and that means understanding Gibraltar will remain 100% British.

That's fine, but there are conditions attached.

Apply British taxes if you're so British.

Stop your abusive gaming laws.

Operate to British standards of openness and transparency in corporate accounting.

And end your participation in abusive tax competition.

Then you'd be British. But right now you're a threat to the well-being of this country, and we all know it. So an end to the duplicity would be appreciated.