Muphry’s law

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I was introduced to Muphry's Law yesterday, which the Urban Dictionary defines as follows:

Muphry's Law is the editorial application of the better-known Murphy's Law. Muphry's Law dictates that if you write anything criticising another person's editing or proofreading, you will inevitably make a mistake of your own. Note that by definition, pointing out an example of Muphry's Law makes you in turn subject to it.

This may have happened because the editor who introduced me to the idea (who I shall leave with his integrity intact) was commenting on my proclivity for typos. Or he may have just felt the name was apposite.

Either way, the  time has come to do something about those errors. It occurs to me that there are some regular readers out there - known to me because of commenting here regularly over time or because I just know them in person  - who might be willing to help out as sub-editors to address this issue. I am not looking for volunteers I do not know (sorry: but I can't risk that). I am looking for people with a track record who would be willing to correct typos when they see them. They would not have to proof-read for that reason. They'd just make the odd correction, or twnety (sic) three, as and when.

The people qualified for the job know who they are. Any volunteers please? If it helps get the message out I'd appreciate the support.