If the 1945 Labour government represents the threat of socialism it’s obvious we need more socialism

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I Iove this from the Guardian long read on the failure of the Tory electoral machine (link below as it will not embed:apologies):

“It’s a very long time since Britain lived under anything like socialism,” says Paul Goodman, editor of the influential Tory website ConservativeHome. “There probably hasn’t been a leftwing government since the 1945 [Labour] one. So it’s getting harder and harder to convince young people, especially, that socialism is a threat.”

I really want to know what the threat was.

Was it the creation of the NHS?

Or a massive expansion of free education?

Or the creation of the welfare state?

Or the biggest modernisation of British industry in a short period in this country's history?

Or council housing?

Heaven forbid that it was full employment.

And rising prosperity.

Plus a fairer society.

Try as I might I cannot see how any rational person can identify a  'threat'. What is he talking about?