Riddles and nonsense

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I apologise for yet another comment on last night's television debate. But let me concentrate on just one aspect, and that is why Theresa May really is not up to the job of being prime minister.

Ignore all Paxman had to say about being a blow hard and about her numerous, well documented, U turns. The questions from the public were what mattered. And there May stumbled really badly.

The reason is clear. May really has not got a clue what to say on most issues. As a result she turns out sentence after sentence of riddles and nonsense, most unseasoned with facts, all of which are designed to obfuscate. You end up with three sentiments.

The first is that she is boring.

The second is she is simply playing for time (as she certainly was last night).

The third is that she really does not have a clue what She is doing.

There is no core to what May says. No beleif. No substance. No drive. No message. Nothing.  Just riddles and nonsense.

And that is disastrous for a negotiator, which is what she is setting herself out to be. They have to know what they want, and really want it. I came away with the clearest possible impression that May possessed neither quality. And that really worried me because she probably will be prime minister.