May is demonstrating a lust for absolute power

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We are aware that the press can conspire with a politician to keep a secret from the public. It was done in the case of Franklin Roosevelt: his disability was very largely hidden from view so that many Americans were unaware that they had a President dependent upon a wheelchair. That is a conspiracy of its time that I would hope will never have to be perpetrated again.

But what is clear is that another such conspiracy is being attempted now. Only small parts of the media, such as Michael Crick on Channel 4, are willing to expose the fact that Theresa May's presidential image is being burnished by the removal of opposition.

May is not meeting the public.

And as is now very clear, she only takes pre-vetted questions from journalists who face the risk of their microphone being turned off if they go off topic.

The One Show was excruciating.

And the public aren't being told that far from being 'strong and stable May is 'weak and insecure' about her ability to withstand the normal scrutiny of an election campaign. It's only because she is a Tory that she gets away with it.

Where does this lead? First, to an even greater loss of confidence in the media.

Second, to effective state control of the media.

Third then to the dismantling of key components in democracy which is dependent on effective political and media opposition to survive.

The Tories have always had an absolute last for power.

In May they are demonstrating a lust for absolute power.