Sorry about your knee – but it’s got to wait for Brexit

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This morning there is news that the NHS is abandoning many of its patient commitments. We can apparently no longer afford them. Those awaiting non-essential surgery, like cataract operations and hip and knee replacements (all of which will feel very essential to those involved) will have to wait. Brexit costs money, you see, so we can't have the NHS we want and need.

For the same reason children are suffering increased class sizes.

And the police are at breaking point.

Whilst social care is collapsing.

And every one is about a real issue, impacting real lives in ways that have real consequences. But in the sixth richest nation on earth we can no longer, apparently, afford these things. Which is ludicrous.

This is about choice. And we're making the wrong ones. And sometime that has to have political consequences. The question is when,  not if. I happen to think it's sooner rather than later. And hiding behind Brexit is not going to be possible for a lot longer, because that too is going to turn messy. Then this government is in trouble, whether there's an alternative or not.

Knees won't wait.

Nor will education.

Or justice.

Let alone care.

But Brexit was just an option, with a massive cost. And sometime that will dawn on people.