Talking mental health

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You won't read this very often on this blog, but I am going to give some credit to the Royal family this morning.

I am a republican at heart. I have no time for the privilege of the Royal family or the deferment given to it. But that said, the younger royals did not have to pick mental ill health as a cause, and they have.

I have the good fortune to have never suffered mental ill health. I have, however, supported several people who have suffered considerably with it. Second hand I know more about it because of the suffering of those that I know than I would wish. Any attention given to this issue is welcome in my opinion.

This Guardian article is good, but most especially watch the videos. If the Royals make a difference here I am happy to acknowledge it. But thanks to all those with the courage to speak. Because that really matters.

As, quite critically, does funding. And austerity is harming that whilst increasing demand. It's one of the many reasons I hate it.