Don’t believe all you read in the papers

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According to the Telegraph, in 2012 John McDonnell:

advocated placing left-wing economists in key jobs at the Bank of England and HMRC.

He said: "On economic policy in terms of the Bank of England you install people like Graham Turner [...] you must make him the Governor of the Bank of England.

"You then move on in terms of taxation - you put Richard Murphy and John Christensen at the head of HMRC to introduce Financial Transaction Tax, the wealth tax, the land value tax - all done in the first 100 days."

I strongly suspect he did say such a thing; not that he consulted me on whether I agreed with the suggestions he'd made, which I did not.

No one took any notice then. And I think that the chance he'd appoint me now would be remote in the extreme, even if he had the chance.

I wouldn't believe all you read in the papers.