The Post Crash Economics Society Conference 2017 – Manchester 18 / 19 March

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The Post Crash Economics Society Conference 2017 is being held in Manchester on 18 and 19 March. It's open to the public and entering its third year.  The six themes will be:

* Inequality
* Globalisation
* Environment
* Local Governance and Northern Devolution
* Pluralism
* Financialisation

The aim is to create a space for passionate discussion about economic issues in order to expand our thinking and understanding of alternative solutions to well-known problems.

I'm speaking as part of a panel on 19 March.

Tickets are now available to purchase through Eventbrite:
Full Price : £7 Day / £12 Weekend
Student Price : £6 Day / £10 Weekend

And for those who don't know, the Post-Crash Economics Society is a student-run society at the University of Manchester, part of the Rethinking Economics international network, which campaigns to both reform the university economics curriculum and to democratise economics; to get everybody, no matter their background or experience, talking about the important economic issues which impact all of our daily lives. I'm delighted to support that.