Simple errors

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PWC made a simple error at the Oscars and are, rightly, being criticised for it. But as I have pointed out, they have committed many more simple errors with much bigger consequences than that. So who too has made simple errors for which a apologies are due?

David Cameron for calling the EU referendum would be a good start.

George Osborne gets a call for believing that shrinking the economy was the way to balance the government's books.

He gets a second call for thinking balancing the books would ever be necessary.

Andrew Lansley owes a big mea culpa for for 2012 Health and Social Care Bill.

As does Ed Miliband for changing the rules of the Labout Party in a way that has rendered it unelectable.

Jeremy Corbyn is on the list for thinking be can lead an opposition when he can't.

Theresa May will owe many apologies for thinking that leaving the EU meant leaving the single market, customs union and EEA.

Jeremey Hunt has also been in the wrong. The list could be long but let's settle for his simple denial that  money can't solve the problems in the NHS when glaringly obviously it can.

Then there is Boris Johnson. He just needs to apologise for being Boris Johnson.

I am sure that there are a great many simple errors that need to be acknowledged. The world might be a better place if they were. We could get on with putting  things right for a start.