There are times when expediency is definitely wrong. I hope a lot of MPs can live with their consciences this morning

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I was asked at an event earlier this week why it is that I get up each morning and almost invariably write a blog or two before breakfast.

My reply was that almost without fail there is good reason to be angry every morning: I have only to read the news to realise that in some way or other my generation is failing the next. To make it personal I blog because I feel I have a duty to my sons to try to make sense of and address that mess. But of course it's not just them: it's all their friends and beyond that their friend's friends until such time as everyone is embraced  for whom I feel this sense of remorse, and desire to do something about it.

I can only presume politicians whi trooped through the lobby t vote for Article 50 last night, even though they believe in Europe and even though they know that this is the wrong thing to do for the county, don't have that sense of obligation to others. Their own desire to expediently keep their seat matters more. As Ken Clarke said, I hope they can live with their consciences.

As many will tell you, compromise with what I think is wrong is not always my greatest strength. I have never worried about it. I sometimes wish others might share that trait a little more. We might not be in the mess we now face if that was the case.