Is Theresa May legitimately the UK’s prime minister?

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Several people suggested yesterday that I could not question Theresa May's legitimacy as UK prime minister because she had not stood for election in that role. Technically that is true, of course, although as an accountant I am always more interested in substance than form and the the reality is that we all know that prime ministers appointed by parties mid term lack the legitimacy of those with a general election mandate. We also know most go on to fail to secure that mandate (Brown, Callaghan, Hume), although there is a surprising post war exception in the form of John Major.

There is another point to consider though. Has anyone heard any more of the supposedly on-going investigation into Tory election fraud in 2015? It's coming on for two years now since the election and the last statement I can find was in April last year. These investigations involved enough seats to strip May of her majority and yet nothing seems to be happening. Is that a fraud in itself? And do we actually have a legitimate prime minister or government as a result, come to that?