People aren’t willing to pay for Brexit

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The Mail on Sunday reports today that:

A YouGov poll, commissioned by the Open Britain campaign, found that 54 per cent of Leave voters would object to the trade-off if it meant they would be even ‘a penny’ worse off. The figure rose to 59 per cent for Leave voters in the North – and 63 per cent of Labour-supporting Leave voters.

When asked if they would be prepared to be £100 a month worse off in exchange for greater control of immigration, the poll found that just 11 per cent of all Leave voters agreed.

Yes, it's the Mail, but please get over that: the message is important and is that for all the government's certainty that economic well being must be sacrificed for border controls people do not want to pay a price for that.

Before he began seeing tax haven possibilities in Brexit Philip Hammond said that non one voted to leave the EU to be worse off. He was right. They didn't. And that is still very obviously the case. In that case if the economy does suffer over the next two years - whether because of Brexit or not (and opinion will differ on that, come what may) - then the backlash against the government will be severe. People were told they would be better off for Brexit. They will be unforgiving if they aren't.