For how long will sensible social democrats have to howl into the wind in the UK without any real chance of political representation?

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Rumours abound that Tristram Hunt - always an unlikely Labour MP - will be the next right-winger to quit the party and look for a new job before the challenge of 2020 comes too close for comfort. He's the second to do so, but I suspect by no means the last. My discussions suggest that many Labour MPs feel that the despair they feel about the party will translate into votes and so direct their futures, whether they like it or not.

At the same time Momentum is still fighting off the far left: Trotskyists still want the party whose right wing despair of it.

It's a pretty desperate situation. For many like me, clearly to the left of Hunt and clearly well to the right of the Trotskyists, all that is left is a void where there appears to be no hope of proper political representation.

If you're a social but not economic liberal; a social democrat with green tendencies but who thinks the label green is too limiting; and whose aim is centred on social, economic and tax justice in a mixed economy that is not dominated by global corporate interests then right now the UK political scene presents you with the prospect of howling into the wind but no immediate chance of securing political representation from a party that comes close to representing your reasonable aspirations for the country, economy, health, education, the planet and so much more.

I do wonder when the tipping point will come and some new party will have to emerge because the chance that Labour is going to come near representing the aspirations of the many millions who it should be representing seem remote for a long time to come, if ever.