The problem with Trump is he may not get second attempts

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Trump's performance yesterday reminds me of an incident when I was on jury duty many years ago. I think I was 23 at the time.

When the jury came to puck a foreman it selected, by a majority, a flash chap, quick with the banter, apparently self confident and easy with the gab. Some were seduced by the repartee.

When we came to discuss the case it was clear this person had little idea what was happening during the hearing or what was required of us.

As it seemed that the trial was nearing its conclusion there was legal dispute form which the jury, as usual, was excluded. When we returned we were instructed that the jury was to find the defendent not guilty for technical reasons. The jury foreman was asked to stand to confirm this. When asked by the judge how we found the defendent the foreman said 'I don't know'.

He was instructed to seek advice. I recall assuring him he had to say not guilty. He did, at the second attempt.

Justice was eventually done. But the wrong person had not helped. And now we have a President with same credentials as that foreman had when offering himself for selection.  And I am not as confident that second attempts will always be permitted.