Why use Twitter?

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Twitter doesn't always get a good press amongst commentators on this blog. It is my impression that it is, in general, less in favour now than only a couple of years ago. So why use it is a good question.

I have two answers. One is that sometimes it is a way of sharing a stream of consciousness in a different way to that possible on a blog. My weekend tweets were examples of that, and they seemed to hit nerves.

There is another reason though, of which these two tweets are examples. I wrote them last night:



I was thinking about how to compress ideas into relatively simply statements at the time. 140 characters is a good discipline for that.

Neither tweet was flippant: both took some time to formulate. I happen to think they work. I would not have tried to condense the ideas in this way without Twitter. That, I suggest, is its main use.

Others may have different opinion, I know,