The top 15 tax havens

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From Oxfam this morning: a new index of tax havens, about which they say:

Tax havens are the ultimate expression of the global corporate tax race to the bottom, and they can be found in every region of the world. For this paper, Oxfam has conducted new research that identifies the world’s worst corporate tax havens.


These countries earned their place on Oxfam’s ‘world’s worst’ list because they facilitate the most extreme forms of corporate tax avoidance, driving the race to the bottom in corporate taxation. To create the list, Oxfam researchers assessed countries against a set of criteria that measured the extent to which countries used three types of harmful tax policies: corporate tax rates, the tax incentives offered, and lack of cooperation with international efforts against tax avoidance.

I don't think this work challenges the Tax Justice Network Financial Secrecy Index but it's a useful addition and looks to be thoroughly researched, focussing on different issues including tax rates. As such, well worth looking at, as is the methodology, which is here.