The Article 50 case makes clear how urgently the UK needs a written constitution

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Lord Keen QC, the Scottish advocate general, put forward an extraordinary argument to the Article 50 hearing before the Supreme Court this morning, He claimed that no legislative consent motion on Brexit is needed from Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland because no legislation is needed to trigger Brexit. To put it another way, he argued that our membership of the EU is maintained at the whim of the Prime Minister.

Three thoughts follow. First, I sincerely hope he is wrong, and that the court finds that he is. It is wholly unacceptable that any person have such power in the UK.

Second, if he is right I think that parliament will have a bigger issue than Brexit to deal with now: we need to change these powers as a matter of urgency in that case.

Third, the case for the UK to have a constitution is growing by the day if the people of this country are to have any protection in the future from the random acts of an individual, Prime Minister or not.