A watered down fudge will be recalled as a good day for Theresa May

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Yesterday was one of those days where trying to catch up with comments on the blog was hard enough; doing another blog as the day progressed proved impossible. Maybe that's what happens when you have an empliyment.

As a result it took me until the evning to look at Theresea May's much heralded corporate governance reforms. And then it was hard work to find them. No workers on the board. A pathetic regime of voting on directors' remuneration.  And nothing of consequence on disclosure.

Yes, I know it is a consultation. And I know that it is claimed that this is the start of a process. But that process began when Theresa May promised big reform when standing for election to be leader of the Tories. And now we have nothing of note.

Still, compared to the disasters for which history will recall her delivering a watered down fudge should be considered a good day for her.