Country-by-country reporting briefing

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I thought this from the Financial Transparency Coalition was worth sharing:

Right now, it's difficult to discern the true operations of multinational corporations. Whether it's figuring out where they are doing business or how much they pay in taxes, the data most multinationals publish is aggregated on a global level, making it nearly impossible to see the full picture. But there is a solution: public country by country reporting. These reports would break down key financial information on a country-level, giving everyone from researchers to advocates the opportunity to analyze and scrutinize the way multinational corporations operate.

We'll be holding a virtual briefing on Tuesday 6 December with Alex Cobham of the Tax Justice Network, who will explain the intricacies of public country by country reporting. During the briefing, he will discuss how this information can be useful to a variety of different stakeholders to monitor corruption, corporate governance, illicit flows of money and the extractive industry. Whether you're a researcher, advocate, tax professional or a citizen worried about big companies paying their fair share, join us for this virtual briefing on 6 December at 14:00 UTC.

As space is limited, please RSVP by following this link to our event page. After registration, you will be emailed instructions on how to join the briefing.