The November Taxcast

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The November Tax Justice Network November 2016 Podcast is out. In this month’s Taxcast:

— Tax Inspectors Without Borders — we look at a practical project that’s changing lives and aiming to level the global playground of tax-minimising multinational companies.

— Plus: what does new US President Trump mean for tax justice?

— And, in Trusts we trust? The French Constitutional Court upholds a challenge to France’s trailblazing public register of Trusts: what does it mean for progress on financial transparency?

Featuring: James Karanja of Tax Inspectors Without Borders, US economist Joseph Stiglitz, Savior Mwambwa of Action Aid (formerly of the Centre for Trade and Development in Zambia), Dr Attiya Waris of Nairobi University and John Christensen of the Tax Justice Network. Produced and presented for the Tax Justice Network by Naomi Fowler.

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