There are times to say ‘we can’t work with him’

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This quote is from Philippe Sands QC, in the Guardian this morning:

I object deeply to the characterisation by Boris Johnson of Trump as a decent, liberal guy from New York. Boris Johnson would basically welcome the election of Adolf Hitler on that standard, and you can imagine the words, ‘We can work with him’, ‘He’s going to be good for Britain’.

There is little to add, it's so obviously true.

There are times to say 'We can't work with him'. Moments when lines have to be drawn in sand. When stands have to be taken. When issues of right and wrong have to prevail over pragmatism.

We need a foreign secretary who knows how to discern such moments. We have not got one. But if ever there was a moment in recent history when one was needed this is it.

And yes I know there might be a price. But it may well get bigger if we do not say something now. That's the lesson from history.