Steve Bannon is just the tip of the New Contemptuous State

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As the Guardian notes this morning:

The selection of Stephen Bannon, the executive chairman of the far-right website Breitbart News and the CEO of Trump’s presidential campaign, deepened the fears of liberal activists that the Trump administration would embolden and enable antisemites, racists and misogynists.

I think there's a mistake in there. The sentence is constructed conditionally, and I think that's wrong. There's not a chance that this might embolden antisemites, racists and misogynists: it will do so.

That is reason for fear in itself. But the list of those who might be impacted is incomplete. Without in any way diminishing the risk to those noted, the list should include the ordinary working people of America, whether middle or working class. They too are at risk here.

I have already this morning noted Theresa May advocating a new structure for British business based on the logic of the City of London's Guilds. The implication is clear: she believes in a neo-feudal model of the economy where the winners take all and some hand downs from them are the best anyone in need might expect. I believe that this is the model for the Trump administration as well.

On Friday I took part in a radio discussion with Stephen Moore of the Heritage Foundation who is one of Trump's senior economic advisers. During it he said two things of especial note. The first was that everything government did was bad. The second was that all government spending was wasted. And he meant it. This is the philosophy Trump is listening too.

It was also the logic of the City of London's Guilds, long established as the alternative power base to challenge the legitimate authority based in the City of Westminster just down the river.  And it is the Guilds who are apparently supplying May's role model.

The specific prejudice of Steve Bannon is shocking but the move towards a society based on contempt is much more widely based. It's not just anti-democratic. It's in the proper sense of the word anti-social. And it's highly likely that you are included the subjects for its contempt.