Trump’s election: an exercise in delivering disappointment to everyone

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The Guardian notes this morning that:

Donald Trump has appeared to soften his stance on a range of sweeping campaign pledges, saying in his first interview since being elected US president that he might not repeal Obamacare and admitting the prosecution of Hillary Clinton over confidential emails is not a priority.

I guess we should not be too surprised about this. Trump has been in business most of his life. He's used to advertising hype: as I often say, advertising is the only business dedicated to delivering unhappiness as a result of dissatisfaction.

And it may well be that we have to view his entire election campaign in this way. It was a disjointed episode of advertising based on very obviously false promises to induce a selection that was bound to disappoint those who opted for it.

Wait for a very angry electorate to emerge in that case.

And equally disaffected Democrats.

Trump may end up fuelling discontent with monied politics mire than we ever imagined.

As I have said before, I can live in hope.