If Article 50 notice is revocable I’d like the ECJ to confirm it

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According to the Guardian:

Government lawyers are exploring the possibility of arguing in the supreme court that the article 50 process could be reversed by parliament at any time before the UK completes its exit from the European Union.

I am quite sure that is true. But, candidly, my opinion on this does not count for much on this. And the UK government's counts for little more. Nor does the Supreme Court's (and I am not judge bashing when saying so). The people who matter here are the EU, or rather the European Court of Justice.

So I entirely accept that the UK government can make this case. But I will believe it when the Supreme Court refer it to the ECJ and have it confirmed as a matter of fact.

Oh, the sweet irony.

Oh, for the look of delight on Farage's face.

But oh, too, for knowing.