Where from here?

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If anyone now thinks the left can win elections by embracing neoliberalism they are, I think, wrong.

And if anyone thinks supplying people with ever more credit in response to wage stagnation is acceptable as an economic strategy, then that too is wrong.

Whilst the days of globalisation look as though they need to be over if the left are to win again.

In the UK and now the USA these ideas have been rejected.

What replaces them? A more local, people focussed, Keynesian, green focus has to be the basis for the rebuilding of economics of the left.

But let's not pretend that this will be easy. The neoliberal elite are not going to relax their control of the Opposition without a struggle. There is a fight to be had  before the campaign against the prejudice which is now in control can even begin.

The need for better ideas on the left has never been more apparent.