Trump releases an entitlement to hate

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Reactions are best served cold, and I am writing at 5am when it looks likely that Donald Trump will be next President of the USA. As I tweeted not long ago:

It's a bad night to be a woman, black, LBGT, a foreigner, a member of generations to come or an intellectual. And not just in the US.

Serious as that list is (and it omits those with disabilities, low incomes and others) this is not the key issue. That is much more serious.

Critically for the long term, tonight is the end of hope on climate change.

More immediately though it's not just that there will be material loss to all those groups I note above, it is the wave of sentiment that will be unleashed that, if anything, matters more.

White,  male America voted for prejudice tonight. Whether it is misogyny, racism or homophobia, Trump has unleashed an entitlement to hate in the USA, and beyond.

That is what really matters right now, I think. And it is profoundly worrying.