The UK’s tax havens demand a say on Brexit

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I was most amused to note this from the Independent:

British-controlled tax havens have demanded to be given a central role in the Brexit negotiation process.

Dr D. Orlando Smith, the premier of the British Virgin Islands, said overseas territories should “have our voice heard” as the UK leaves the EU.

He said the controversial territories required “high level engagement” in the process of the same sort as Scotland and the other devolved nations.

Hang on a moment! I thought these places were independent of the UK? Except when it suits them, it seems.

I would give them a say, and would then start legislating for them to reflect the fact that they'd admitted they were part of the U.K.

I'd  start with imposing some taxes so that they pay their way in the world.

And would then require the  accounts and beneficial ownership of companies on public record.

Followed by registers of trusts.

How about that as a quid pro quo BVI?