Welcome to the lull before whatever it is that’s going to happen

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It is odd to have a Mnday morning that feels as quiet on the economic news front as this one does. The morning's press has delivered little of note, no significant comment and nothing to directly engage with as far as I am concerned. That, though, may be significant in itself. The world is waiting. That is the massage implicit in this paucity of news.

It is hoping Trump will not be elected.

It is hoping that somehow something of the UK economy might be salvaged from Brexit.

It is wondering if fiscal policy will ever be used again.

It is waiting for someone to admit conventional QE has run out of road.

It is waiting for business to find a reason to invest.

Some answers will come sooner than others, simply because they have to. But n every case the feeling is much the same: it is 'How the heck did we get here?'

And the honest answer is also much the same: by running the economy for the benefit of a few; by imposing austerity in an attempt to shrink government and by killing demand in the process; and by undermining confidence in available democratic choices as a result.

We won't get out of this mess until that is appreciated. But we might wait some time for that to occur.

Welcome to the lull before whatever it is that's going to happen. Just hope there might be some wisdom left somewhere that directs that happening in a socially useful way.