Where is Labour?

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I admit to overdosing on news. I absorb it through multiple mediums. I like differing perspectives on it. I want to understand.

One of the advantages of this approach is that it helps filter out bias. Not completely, of course, but to some degree, at least. And certainly makes it clearer who is making the news and commenting on it.

One thing that is abundantly clear as a result is that Labour is not making the news. Nor is it commenting on it. For all practical purposes Labour appears absent from the news agenda right now.

This is a serious failure on its part. Let's just look at the economics agenda as example and note its omissions.

Where was its comment on inflation?

What about comment on the role of the Central Bank?

Has it an opinion on falling exchange rates? Who knows?

Interest rates are under potential pressure. What does it think the impacts on its investment plans are?

Where is its comment in the write down in the value of RBS? Does it have a better plan?

This week is the 50th anniversary of 'Cathy Come Home'. What is Labour's view on housing investment now?

Has Labour got a view on voting on Brexit?

Is it in favour of hard or soft Brexit?

What is the Labour position on plans to support the City to get EU access but no other part of the economy?

Top end house price sakes have collapsed according to new data. What has Labour to say?

If inflation reaches 3% Tesco think many people will be in deep trouble in making ends meet. Why has Labour said nothing that I have seen on the issue?

There has been a lot of research on the possible impact if interest rate increases on fragile household economies but this week I have heard nothing from Labour on this issue. Why not?

I am sure I could think of a host of other issues to raise question on. But the above is enough to make my point.

What isLabour doing? Why is there no effective opposition on such key issues?

Labour decided not to engage with the referndum because it thought the Torirs could harm themselves without its help. Has it now decided to do the same again now?

If so, when might it think behaving like an opposition could be of use again? I wish I knew because right now it's failing badly and that delivers an appalling impression of inability to face up to big issues on which it has a duty to have an opinion. And that is dangerous for democracy.