What really irks about Facebook

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I have already offered a long analysis of Facebook's accounts. But in that fairly technical analysis I did not say what really irks me about the UK accounts. Three things do.

First, it's the sheer contempt Facebook show for having to pay their way for the right to trade here. If Facebook was not really profitable in the UK it would not be paying its staff so much. But it seems to want us to subsidise that pay and not make any long-term contribution for actually making money here. That feels like a complete snub.

Second, it's the contempt of filing a set of accounts saying they're for Facebook UK when they clearly are not because none of its sales in this country were in them. I know this is going to change, but the annoyance remains.

And third? It's that company and tax law says all this is true and fair when it so obviously is not.

That lot irks.

And so it should.