Brexit means we’re out on our own

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Theresa May confirmed this weekend what I suggested recently, that hard Brexit is not a possibility but a decidedly odds on probability. To put it another way, she did not put Johnson, Davis and Fox in charge of Brexit for no reason: she put them in charge so that they would have their way.

I do despair.

I despair of the small mindedness of it.

I despair for those who feel worried for their security as a result of it.

I despair because of the isolation inherent in it.

I despair because no one has a clue what it means.

And I despair because I have little confidence in those who are negotiating (or not) for the UK.

In effect we're on our own now.

And overall that's not been proven to be a great place.

And yes I know we can have a more active industrial policy.

And short cut QE.

And maybe control some aspects of the free flow of capital.

But in the overall give and take I still think this is a fundamental error of judgement we'll regret one day. And I would love to be proved wrong.