Is blockchain becoming tax haven friendly?

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The FT reports this morning that:

Accenture is courting controversy in the blockchain community by patenting a technique for editing information stored using the nascent technology in a move designed to make it more commercially viable.

By allowing a central administrator to amend or delete information stored on a blockchain, the consultancy says that its prototype – to be unveiled on Tuesday – will make the technology more attractive to the financial services industry.

The supposed advantages of the blockchain are that it is transparent and unalterable.

Accenture want to make it opaque and editable.

Now why would they want to do that, I wonder? Could it just be that the blockchain is being adjusted for tax haven usage where secrecy and a pretence that transactions take place in ways that do not reflect reality is normal? Is that what being more attractive to the financial services industry means? I know what the article says, but I can't help but wonder,