There is a new party of protest in the UK and it seems to be the LibDems

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A week ago Labour lest a council by-election in Sheffield to the Lib Dems on a massive swing and it was dismissed as a freak by Corbyn supporters.

Last night this happened:


Now the swing is exaggerated because the LibDems did not even fight this seat last time, but that also says that they are unlikely to have had a strong local infrastructure to build on either.  And they decimated Labour and the Tories, who also lost to UKIP, I suspect.

Once is a freak. Twice does not yet make a trend, but the possibility that Labour really is walking to oblivion does seem to be growing. Some strange things may be happening in UK politics. There are interesting times ahead. Unless, it seems, you're wanting a Labour government.

And the case for a Progressive Alliance grows by the day.