The sorry state of UK politics is laid bare for all to see

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Two political stories reveal the absurdities of our current political debate.

First there is the news that Hilary Clinton has pneumonia but tried to carry on regardless and collapsed as a result. It is, apparently, a shocking thing to discover that politicians are finite human beings with limited amounts of energy and subject to frailties like all the rest of us. Only a fool would think otherwise. I would hope she reacts by making clear how she will run the White House within those constraints because it is vital that anyone does so.

Then there is Theresa May of whom we discovered a willingness to pursue a policy that is without an evidential basis, which she's likely to lose in the Lords, and maybe even the Commons, and whose appeal is to a very narrow group who were always likely to vote for herparty anyway. This reveals that politicians are irrational human beings with limited intellectual capacity and subject to a lack of discernment that distinguishes what's right for us in particular from what is right for society at large like too many if the rest of us.

Which option do I prefer? The Clinton weakness, by far.

Which option have we got? The May variety.

It takes a very special ability to pick a first priority that has a high risk of failure despite the absence of an effective opposition in the House of Commons but that would seem to be what Theresa May has done. The sorry state of UK politics is laid bare for all too see.