The Land Registry is nor being sold, as yet

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The Guardian reports this morning that:

Controversial plans to sell off the Land Registry have been put on hold, while ministers review responses to the government’s consultation.

The Queen’s speech in May included an outline of a neighbourhood planning bill, which the government said would enable the privatisation of the Land Registry, which keeps records on property ownership in England and Wales.

However, that element does not appear in the bill set to go before parliament on Wednesday.

It was quite extraordinary that the Land Registry was ever considered for sale. At a time when transparency, not least with regard to such a critical issue as land ownership, is considered vital to the fight against corruption and tax abuse the sale of the Land Registry was a very obvious move that would have undermined all potential moves to improve legal compliance as a result of the creation of cost impediments. The reprieve is, therefore, welcome.

It would be better still to know that it is permanent.