Tim Cook and ‘political crap’

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As many newspapers have noted, Tim Cook, the chief executive of Apple, has dismissed the EU’s tax ruling on his company as “political crap”.

This could, of course, be dismissed as a facile aside, but I do not think that would be appropriate. In the context of the Apple tax decision this comment has much more to it than that. In fact, it could be argued that it goes right to the very heart of what the whole issue is about.

Apple wants to live in a world where such things as tax laws ('political crap', if you like) do not apply to it. And Tim Cook is very angry to find that someone dare suggest that he and his company may be subject to the law like all the rest of us.

The EU has to prove that is the case: if they don't we can forget democracy and forget the nation state. We will just be ruled by companies. And thank you very much Tim Cook, but however good your product might be I really don't like your approach to government.

In fact, I have a word for it. It's crap.