Dirty Secrets is on its way

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I was asked in a comment on this blog last night how my new book is going. The timing was good because the substantive edits were finished yesterday and the book moves to copy edits next week.

Entitled 'Dirty Secrets', the book is about the political economy of tax havens, the harm they still cause, why efforts to close them down have not worked as yet, how we might achieve that goal and what the benefits from doing so might be.

I admit that writing books in three months or less, as seems to be my habit, is challenging. On this occasion LEo Hollis, who is my editor at Verso, has been a driving force, prodding and pushing me in the right directions as things progressed.

A pattern also appeared: just as I was asked to, in effect, rewrite the penultimate chapter of The Joy of Tax so  was I on this occasion asked to do the same thing. Maybe I get too relaxed when I think am on the home run; alternatively I presume by then that the reader knows just what I mean. On both occasions my editors were right.

The good news is that book remains in target for November publication.