What does happen to Labour after 24 September?

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I am aware that Owen Smith thinks that he will win the Labour Party leadership on 24 September and I admire his confidence. I am also aware that there are many pundits who do not share it.

What then? What happens on the day after when the reality will dawn that a man in whom the vast majority of Her Majesyty's Opposition have no confidence is its leader nonetheless and that his support organisation is to hold a complete parallel to the Labour Party conference just outside its doors?

What can we expect?

What should we expect?

Have those who triggered this crisis - Hillary Benn and Margaret Hodge - thought that through any more than Jeremy Corbyn has considered why he wants to be leader?

And is there any chance of a viable opposition emerging from this (let's be candid)  most unholy of messes?

I am not as yet proposing answers. I have posed questions for Labour over the last few days. My rules on not being abusive apply. Any suggestions?

In particular, and of most interest, how is Opposition to be managed because this matters most to me, and many in this country?