In praise of the courage of Alex Andreou

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Being on the left and saying that you know (not just think or feel, but know) that Jeremy Corbyn is failing the left very badly right now takes courage.

I know. People with whom I thought I shared common ground now think it entirely appropriate to be rude in ways I never expected and which say so much about them and so little about me that I am very saddened.

I am not a red Tory, a turncoat, a neoliberal, a Blairite or anything else that they suggest.

I am just a person who is deeply concerned that first of all Jeremy Corbyn claims to be radical and is so emphatically not that he wants to issue bonds to pacify the City rather than do People's QE that could crush PFI.

And second, to be candid, I do not trust a man who will not trust parliamentary democracy, as he clearly does not. That to me has been his step beyond the boundary of acceptability.

For a man I have long admired, and who I believe to be of the real left, that step beyond acceptability came on Europe. The man in question is Alex Andreou, who has written a 'long read' on his transition from being a Corbyn supporter  a year ago to someone who now realises that he really is simply unelectable.

Alex has already taken much abuse for saying this on Twitter. So much in fact that he's taken a break from that medium because, I suspect the hurt of being on it is too great. He has my sympathy. I know too often how he feels.

In solidarity with him I endorse what he has to say. I urge you to read it. And if you don't agree do at least wonder why some of us - in fact many of us - who were apparently the people who wrote for the left a year or so ago now think as Alex does. Because I will tell you none of us have changed  except for the fact that we did perhaps get quite close to Jeremy Corbyn and then realised what a terrible mistake it had been for Labour to elect him. And we all - well, all of us who define ourselves as democrats because we believe in parliamentary democracy and all that goes with it - did something like the thought experiment Alex outlines.

It takes guts to say so right now. Alex Andreou is in my opinion a man of courage.